Speeches by Pontus Alv – Japanese Subtitle

以前にも紹介したPontus Alvのあたらしい映画『In Search of Miraculous』がInternational Skateboard Film Festivalでたくさんノミネートされたため、監督自らがスピーチしています。

# Japanese English
1 LAのみんな! Hi, LA
2 マルメのTBSへようこそ Welcome to TBS…
3 まず、ノミネートしてくれてありがとう I would like to say, thank you for nominating me
4 よし、続けよう! let’s keep going
5 来てるか? you coming?
6 最優秀監督賞にノミネートだっけ? I was nominated as the best director
7 『In Search of Miraculous』
for my movie “In search of miraculous”
8 僕のビデオを候補にしてくれるなんて
it’s great, thank you a lot for even having my video in there
9 映画制作の話については
I don’t know what to say about movie making,
10 個人的な事をダイナミックに表現したかった try to do something that is personal and try to have flow and dynamics in it
11 一本の映画として
tried to create like a interesting story to the whole picture
12 細部じゃなくて全体としてね see the big picture not just the little things
13 そうだな、もう少しスケートだ! well I gotta think, let’s do some more skating!
14 出演者にも感謝したい Also I would like to thank everyone in the video
15 スケートに情熱を持って
for believing in it and contributing with your love passion for skating
16 あらゆる場面の出演者たちがね anyone that contributed to the film with whatever footage
17 何て言えば…もっとやろう uh I don’t know, let’s do some more
18 最優秀監督賞? best director huh?
19 自分を監督だとは思ってないけど I don’t know, I don’t see my self as a director
20 僕はスケートボーダーだよね as you can see I’m a skateboarder
21 でも確かに、映画を作るのは好きだ yeah I like to make films
22 LAありがとう、スケートするよ so thank you LA I got to continue skating
23 やあみんな、ステップアサイドへようこそ Hi everybody welcome to Step Aside
24 ここは… this whole place looks ….
25 これは… 最優秀サウンドトラック賞
these days… this is the thank you for the best soundtrack
26 ノミネートのね award nomination thing
27 いくつか音楽をくれたヨワンに
I want to thank “yowen” who made the music for some of the parts
28 何て言えばいいか uhh I don’t know what to say about it
29 サウンドトラックを作るときはダイナミックな
Something that I always try to do when I have a soundtrack is to have a lot of dynamic in the music
30 高音と低音、さらに全ての曲の中に高音と低音 a lot of highs and lows in this organ and all the songs together it has to be highs and lows
31 そして映画全体に抑揚が付くように so it has to be like ups and downs throughout the movie and yeah
32 なおかつ全ての曲に
tried to make every song fit together as one piece so anyway
33 なんにせよ音楽を楽しんでもらえると嬉しい hope you like the music enjoy it and uh
34 スケーターにぴったりな
yeah it is also very important that the music fits with the skating and uh maybe to the skateboarder
35 そのパートの出演者を
that it’s you can feel that it’s connected with the person… that the music is representing the person in the part
36 なんにせよ
its uh very important tool when you make movies
37 映画にはまず土台がなくちゃならない
its kind of like the first thing you have to have is the base the foundation of the movie the sound.
38 楽しんで!
alright enjoy I am going to go back to skating now
39 最優秀ドキュメンタリーへのノミネートについて
uhh this is the little speech for the best documentary nomination
40 そこにはみんなで作った
right here we have the step aside sculpture, a social sculpture
41 あれが最終的に残ったもの it’s still and that’s what remains
42 僕の映画はドキュメンタリーだとは
I don’t know, about doing I don’t see my movie as a documentary but
43 ドキュメンタリーの部分もある it has some documentary parts in it
44 余裕が無かったけど、あのスポットや
I can do a movie just about that one spot or about the new one over there just no space for it
45 でも一番見せたかったのは
but the main thing that I want to show in the movies we are building things
46 僕らはあれをすごい速さで作って we make them really fast and just as fast as they are built
47 すごい速さで失った they go away as fast so uh
48 つまり人生では簡単に
I just want to show how easy it is to make something happen in life
49 手に入れて、取り組める事があるよ that you can have something and that you just have to work for it
50 ただ、それを失う覚悟はしておいた方が良い and you have to be prepared that it is going to go away
51 でも、いつでもやり直せるし but you can also always redo it again and the journey is always the best part of it not the goal.
52 ゴールじゃなくて旅の最中が
53 だから見てくれてありがとう…
yeah thank you all for watching and thank you .. I don’t know the main message in the movie is
54 みんながスケートや人生で何かを起こせるように
I want to inspire others to inspire themselves to do something about their skate scene and their life
55 まだやってなかったらの話だけどね you know if they are not already doing it of course
56 だから何か作ってスケートして
so inspire others to go build things skate rad stuff and just live life
57 そしてスケートカルチャーにまた
and uhh and give back to skateboard culture that’s what I want to do
58 so yea
59 感性を豊かに、スケートして、楽しんで! stay inspired, keep skating, have fun.

What’s New in After Effects CS6 – Japanese Subtitle


# Japanese English
1 やあ、ジェイソン・レヴィンです
Hi, I’m Jason Levine, Principal of Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe’s video and audio tool
2 今日はアフターエフェクトCS6の
and today I’m going to talk about some of the new features on After Effects CS6
3 パフォーマンスや操作性の向上
and there has been a lot down to really improve the performance and experience inside the application
4 まず最初の特色は64ビット用に
and the first feature that really deals to re-create is that there is a true 64 bit performance revolution
5 「グローバル・パフォーマンス・キャッシュ(GPC)」
it’s something called a Global Performance Cache
6 GPCには三つの要素があります now, Global Performance Cache is actually made of 3 separate elements
7 「グローバル・ラム・キャッシュ(GRC)」
A Global RAM Cache, A Persistent Disk Cache and A New Graphics Pipeline
8 要するに、既にキャッシュしたフレームを
but basically what it does is that allows you to reuse previously cached frames, without having to re-render
9 コンポジションパネルを見てみましょう So, if we take a look at the composition panel we have down here
10 いつもの緑のラインがあって
you will see we have the familiar green line, if I go ahead RAM preview this you can see what this looks like
11 リアルタイムで再生されます and again, it’s playing in real time
12 エフェクトに変更などを加えてみましょう now if I wanted to make a change to something, like the levels of effect we have set here,
13 真ん中のトーンを掴んで I could come in here and grab the mid tones
14 調整します and make an adjustment,
15 緑のラインが消えますね and of course the green line goes away
16 再びラム・プレビューしてみます so I would begin to re-RAM preview this
17 これまでは、先ほどのフレームを再生するには
now, previously it would have to re-preview and re-cache all of the frames for all of the effects that have been implied
18 しかしGPCがあれば but now with global performance cache,
19 変更した部分だけ
it’s only re-caching new frames for anything that was changed
20 エフェクトの一部だけ再キャッシュすれば良いので
so for instance, it’s only re-caching the frames on that levels of effect, not everything else which allows me to work that much more quickly
21 すでにリアルタイムプレビューが
you can see already we’re back to realtime preview
22 しかもアンドゥーできます now, if I don’t like that, I can undo it
23 そこでもいままでは、プレビューには
and again, previously we had to re-cache and re-preview everything else again
24 今回はアンドゥーしても緑のラインは残っています
now I wanna undo I still have my green bar, because it’s pulling those same cache frames from RAM
25 待ち時間も、面倒もありません no waiting around, no messing about
26 考えられる最速の作業スピードです it’s just there, allow me to truly work as fast as I can think
27 さらにすごいのは、プロジェクトを閉じたときです now even cooler, what happens are by actually exit this project
28 やってみましょう let’s go ahead and do that, I’m gonna close the project here
29 メモリを消去して、再び開きます let’s go ahead and purge all memory, and re-open it
30 ここでお見せするのは
because this is now going to showcase, the persistent disk cache option that we have
31 コンポジション・パネルには青いラインが
so you’ll notice now inside the composition panel we have a blue line
32 これらのフレームがディスクに保存されている
this is indicating that these frames has been located on disk
33 スペースバーを叩くと so now I wanna hit the space bar,
34 ディスクからラムへ展開して、今までのように
it’s poling those from disk, put them into RAM allow me to again, play this back that much more quickly without having to wait for everything to re-render over and over again
35 これはパフォーマンス革命です
it’s truly a performance revolution, and it really changes the way you work inside the application
36 そしてニュー・グラフィクス・パイプライン(NGP)です now the other element of this is of course is the newer graphics pipeline
37 要するに、これはグラフィックカード上の
and essentially what it does is just better harnessing the OpenGL on your graphics card
38 効果のレイヤーがある場合などに
for faster interactivity, more responsiveness especially when dealing with things like layers with graphical overlays
39 「バウンディングボックス」や「マスク」
things that have bounding boxes or masks or motion tracker points
40 ブラシのサイズ調節などの時にも
even interactions like making brush size adjustments, these are all accelerated
41 作業環境が大幅に変わるでしょう and it’s really going to just change the way you work inside of after effects
42 以前のアフターエフェクトで3D機能が
now in the previous version of after effects, we introduced some new features dealing with 3D
43 CS6では3Dカメラトラッカーが
well, in CS6, we now have 3D camera tracker which automatically analyze motion present in 2D footage
44 右クリックして行くだけで3Dのカメラと
and automatically create a 3D camera and overlay 3D tracking points right on top of your 2D footage with a simple right click operation
45 ではGPCを使ったプロジェクトを
so if you take a look at the piece that you have here once again in your CR global performance cache
46 青と緑のラインが機能してます how it would work here in blue and green line combination here
47 オブジェクトかテキストかバナーを
what we like to do is actually parent something like some text or object or a banner to the top of that car
48 これまでは時間がかかり、苦痛が伴う作業でした now to do that previously, was a fairly long, fairly painful process
49 特に、本当に3Dに見せるために
especially if you actually want to create true looking 3D motion where it grows over time and maintain that perspective
50 CS6ではそれが簡単です now it’s very very easy inside of CS6
51 このDPXシーケンスを見てみましょう I can take these DPX sequences that we have here
52 右クリックで「トラックカメラ」を選びます I can right click and I can choose to track camera
53 これはCS6の他のプロセスと同じように and much like several other processes in after effects CS6
54 バックグラウンドで解析を行っています this is a background process, it’s it’s analyzing in the background
55 つまりこの間に他のファイルやアプリケーションで
which of course means that I can go to the other compositions or other applications and keep working and it’s going to keep processing
56 CS6ではすべてが作業の効率化のために
all in the effort to really optimize and speed up the workflow when you’re working in after effects cs6
57 解析が完了すると、3Dトラッカーポイントが
so once the analysis is done, what we are going to end up with are series of 3D tracker points on top of the footage which we can see here
58 再生してみましょう so if I go ahead and play this back
59 カメラトラッカーエフェクトを選びます let’s go ahead and select the camera tracker effect here
60 車の上にポイントが見えますね now you can see, all these points actually on the car
61 するとこの中からオブジェクトやテキストに使うための
now we have the ability to choose the series of points that really represent that plane that we want the parent or object or text too
62 カーソルを動かすと、調整できる点が
so I can come over here and noticed that I move my cursor around, you get the ~~ target we can adjust
63 サイズなどを選べます
the target size, let’s shrink this down to around 23
64 自分用のポイントを選ぶ事もできます and I can either have it select points for me
65 手動でポイントを選ぶ事もできます
or I can manually choose these series of points, like this one here
66 そしてここと this one here
67 ここです and this one here,
68 向きはかなり正確に見えます and not actually looks to be in, pretty much the right perspective
69 そこで右クリックすると、選択肢が
so I can right click on this now I have the option to create text and camera
70 「ソリッドとカメラを作る」
create solid and camera, create null and camera
71 「テキスト」を選びます I’m going to choose text
72 テキストを選択して go ahead and select my text
73 文字を変更します modify the text
74 サイズを縮小します let’s go ahead and… scale this down
75 少しX軸の角度を調整します and ~~ slightly modified our x-rotation
76 このように like this
77 もう少し縮小します scale it down little bit more
78 このように like that
79 わかるでしょうか and now you can see as I move through,
80 車の幌に取り付けられました it’s attached to the hood of the car
81 角度も合っています it’s maintaining perspective
82 完成版を見てください and take a look at the final version
83 今まではきちんとしたものにするために
again this is the process that previously took a lot of time to do and a lot of time to make it look good, make it look convincing
84 3Dカメラトラッカー機能を使うと
now with a new 3D camera tracker, it’s simple right click operation
85 ビデオを解析して3Dトラッカーポイントを作り
tracks the motion on your 2D footage, creates 3D tracker points, creates the camera
86 リアルなものを即座に作る環境が
and allows you to create something look very realistic very very quickly
87 次に紹介したいのは
and the next thing that I want to cover deals with Illustrator integration and it’s long been a process when working with illustrator files within after effects
88 簡単な変更を加えるのにもイラストレーターに
that you had to go back to illustrator, to make even basic changes things like fill and stroke width
89 それらがアフターエフェクト上で
but now you can do this all inside of after effects, without ever leaving the app
90 ここにホットウィールロゴがあります so you’ll see here there have this basic hot wheels logo in here
91 aiファイルを右クリックして
if I right click on my AI file and going to choose to create shapes from vector layer
92 塗りの変更などが
so once I do that now, when you look up inside here you’ll see we have the ability to modify the fill
93 塗りを変更できます so again we can modify the fill if you want
94 キャンセルすることもできます let’s go ahead and cancellerate that
95 線を変更する事もできます we can modify the stroke
96 線の幅を変更できました we can modify the stroke width, okay that’s all cool
97 これをグラブすると、どうでしょう? but you will notice when I grab that, what do we now see?
98 アンカーポイントです oh, anchor points
99 アフターエフェクト上で直接
you can actually grab the vertices now and modify this illustrator file directly inside of after effects without even going to illustrator
100 これは大幅な時間の節約です this is cool and incredible time saver
101 よく慣れた作業ができてしまうのです and again just allows you to work in a way that you’re very familiar with
102 しかもアフターエフェクト上でです but you can now do all of this directly inside of after effects
103 次にお話しするのは
now the next thing I want to talk about is working with extruded texts and shapes
104 良い例をお見せしましょう we’re going to use the same basic example here to cover that
105 イラストレーターファイルに3D回転を
so once again we have this, ah this illustrator file here gonna twirl this down and we’re going to turn on 3D here
106 変形オプションを見てみます and it’s going to some of the transform options
107 X軸の回転を調整します
and we’re just going to modify the X-rotation, you can see now if we also scroll down that I’ve got a camera and some lights applied here
108 XY軸を調整するとライトの効果もわかります so as I modify the X and Y you can see there it’s been modified by the lights that are applied
109 こんな風に something like this
110 次にジオメトリーオプションを開いてみましょう now we can go down to a geometry options and twirl this down
111 ベベルなどを加えたり、テキストを押し出したりできます and we can add something like a bevel, we can begin to actually extrude this text
112 コンケーブなどをいじってみましょう let’s go it down to something like concave
113 ベベルを大きくしましょう let’s increase the bevel depth
114 こんな風に something like that
115 押し出しも大きくします increase the extrusion depth
116 素晴らしい事に、再び線の太さを見てみると what’s also cool about this, you notice is come over here to the stroke width
117 まだ編集可能です it’s still editable
118 驚くべきパワーと柔軟性です so incredible power, incredible flexibility here
119 これだけじゃありません but here’s the coolest thing
120 「レイトレース3Dレンダーエンジン」
we have something new called the ray trace 3D render engine
121 以前の「スキャンラインレンダーエンジン」
now if you’re familiar with using the previous scan line render engine
122 あれも柔軟でしたが、写真のようなシャドウや
you had a lot of flexibility there, but if you want to create truly photo realistic soft shadow Continue reading

Adobe Short and Suite “Creating a Rough Cut with OnLocation” Japanese Subtitle

Adobe CS5のソフトOnLocationとPremiere Proを合わせて使う方法を紹介しています。

# Japanese English
2 ジェイソン・レヴァイン JASON LEVINE
3 カール・スーレ KARL SOULE
4 ジェイソン、カールと見る
on the road with jason and karl
5 ショートアンドスイートへようこそ
Hi, there once again, another episode of short and suite
6 my name is karl soule
7 今日はアドビOnLocationの
am.. today we’re gonna be talking about a new feature in adobe onlocation
8 CS5では、OnLocationは
and in cs5 onlocation has began to kind of more from just a live capture tool
9 主にファイアワイヤでつないだカメラ
which would work off of like a firewire feed coming in from your camera
10 カメラがテープ録画ではなくメモリーカード録画の場合は
onlocation can now also be utilized as a tool onset if you’re working with a tapeless camera, if you’re shooting to a memory card within your camera
11 映像のチェック、メタデータを統合したり
onlocation provides a series of tools for checking your shots, merging meta data where you can go in and you can provide more friendly file names inside of onlocation
12 OnLocationから直接、簡単な編集を
and then finally you can also do some things like rough cut in directly inside of onlocation
13 今日の本題はそれです that’s what I wanna talk to you about today
14 ではOnLocationを覗いてみましょう so right now I’m over inside of adobe onlocation
15 ここにメディアブラウザという
and you see there’s a new panel here something called media browser
16 ここから私のPanasonic P2カメラに入っている
and I’m using this right now to this look at a card of clips from a panasonic p2 camera
17 以前にもうAdobe Storyから脚本を
now we’ve already gone through and created a series of placeholders we brought in a script from adobe story
18 ここでは既に私がメタデータの結合機能を使って
and I’ve already gone through the use of new feature called a merging a meta data I’ve already merged all the meta data from my script right into these clips
19 そして、イケてないクリップ名では無く「クローズアップ」や
so rather than having these kind of wacky shot names over here, you’ll notice it down here of my project I’ve already got
20 shot names like CLOSE UP MAGE, LOW ANGLE HERO and so on and so for
21 ここでは機能を使って
so we’ve already gone through and done that step in this example here
22 そしてOnLocationからクリップを
what I wanna show you is that from within onlocation, I can go through, I can monitor these shots if I double click on this shot
23 自分のモニターで再生できます I can see it playback here inside of my monitor
24 波形やベクタースコープも
I can see a live wave form and vector scope while this clip plays back
25 そしてさらに、クリップに
and in addition, I can also do things like mark in points and out points on my clip
26 これを再生すると主人公が登場してくる
so in this case I’m gonna go ahead and wait for a hero to a version of the scene here
27 登場しますよ here he comes
28 まだかな? anytime now
29 監督のアクションの叫び声が聞こえますね you can here the you can hear the director yelling action and there is my shot
30 こうやってポイントを見つけて
I can go through and I can kind of scrub screw this and mark that as just a rough in point
31 そして魔術師としゃべり
and we all go through here up until the point where he’s talking to the mage
32 そこを終了ポイントとして
and we mark that point is an out point on this particular shot
33 既に他のクリップにも
now I’ve already gone through and I’ve marked in and out points on each of these different shots
34 ダブルクリックすると開始から終了までが
so if I double click on the shot you can see the black area here represents the in point and out point it’s been marked on our particular shot
35 この作業が終わったら
so now once I’ve done this, I can do this and do all these checking where I’m on set
36 編集などですね the one it’s I’m ready to move this so far for the edit pane
37 作業が終わったショットを
I can take all the shots that I’ve done this with
38 select them all
39 「Selected Project Items as Subproject..」
and choose to export these out as a subproject
40 選択したものをサブプロジェクトとして
so we go ahead and select and send these out to a subproject
41 「サブプロジェクト 魔術師 塔」と
I go ahead and save it right here, we call this one Subproject Mage Tower
42 プレミアプロに行って、このサブプロジェクトを開くと
so when I move over to premier pro, I can take this subproject and I can double click on this and it actually show me the clips in question
43 これらのクリップをプロジェクトに
and if I go through, I import these clips into my project
44 クリップを全て選択して we go ahead and select all of these clips
45 タイムラインにドロップします drop them on my timeline here
46 クリップは既に編集されています these clips are already pre-edited
47 一つクリップを選んで、モニターで
so if I take one of these short clips here, and I just kind of zoom out on my source monitor
48 既にOnLocationでつけた開始、終了ポイント
you will see that this is actually already taken and marked in and out points from onlocation right into my premier project
49 今日はここまでです so that’s all the time we have for you today,
50 また今度ショートアンドスイート
stay tuned for another episode of short and suite coming here real soon
51 ありがとう
thanks again my name is karl soule