I Am Second® “Christian Hosoi” Japanese Subtitle


# Japanese English
1 おれたちはワルモノで we were the outcast
2 反逆者だった we were the rebels
3 周りからはトラブルメーカーだと we were the ones that people thought were trouble makers
4 好きな事には目がない we had a passion for what we loved to do
5 それは、すべてをスケートすることさ and that was just to skateboard on anything
6 来る日も来る日も
tricks were coming every single day, there was another trick being invented
7 でっかいエアー huge airs
8 モットーは『スケートでぶっ壊せ』 the attitude was skate and destroy
9 それだけさ that was it
10 7、8歳でスケートを始めた i got introduced to skateboarding when i was about 7 or 8 years old
11 しっくりきた and that was it for me
12 その日から人生が変わった from that day on skateboarding became my life
13 幼い頃にほめられると when you’re told you’re really good at that age
14 どんどん吸収して
you really just take it in
15 and you start to just becoming what they tell you you are
16 そうして自分があこがれた人
and thats what i became, i became you know just like my idols
17 ハッパを吸って i was smoking weed
18 LSDをやって i was doing acid
19 ハッパは10歳で始めた this is like 10years old smoking weed
20 12歳でLSD 12 years old doing acid
21 13、4歳からコカイン 13 and 14years old starting to do cocaine
22 ハリウッドに住んで i was living in Hollywood
23 行く先々でVIP待遇 i was VIP everywhere i went
24 クラブでは最年少 i was the youngest kid at the clubs
25 女の子はみんな僕に夢中 i was the, had all the girls
26 何でも手に入った i pretty much had it all
27 ただ but inside
28 僕の心は of me
29 死にかけてた was dying
30 愛を探してたんだ see i was searching for love everywhere
31 お金、名声、スケートの中に
i was searching for it in money
32 i was searching for it in fame
33 i was searching for it in skateboarding
34 穴があいたバケツみたいだった personally i was like a bucket full of holes
35 女の子にも求めた i was searching for it in girls
36 世界がくれるものすべてにすがった i was searching for it
37 in everything that the world had to offer
38 満たされたと思うと流れ出してる every time i filled it up it would just drain out
39 何にも満足できない and none of it satisfied me
40 終わらないループだ and it was just this never ending cycle
41 いつも空っぽ i was empty every single time
42 そんな空虚な自分を見つけたとき… when i look in that vulnerable time of my life
43 覚醒剤を始めた thats when i got introduced to crystal meth amphetamine
44 そのときから… and from that moment
45 本当に人生が変わってしまった… thats when my life began to really change
46 堂々巡り going around the mountain
47 アイス、スピード、禁断症状 ice, speed, tweak
48 ’95年から from 95
49 2000年の1月までずっと 1995 all the way to 2000
50 覚醒剤を、一日中、毎日やった january 2000 i did crystal meth every single day all day
51 堂々巡り going around the mountain
52 クランク crank
53 呼び名はいろいろ whatever you want to call it
54 あぶったり、吸ったり、注射したり i smoked it, i snorted it, i shot it
55 パーティーだ lets party one more time
56 食べたり i ate it
57 あらゆる方法でやった any way possible
58 i did it
59 もう一回 and one more time
60 自己破壊と言われても… basically if you wanna say i was just trying to destroy myself
61 楽しみたいだけと言ってた but i always said i was just trying to have a good time
62 もう一回、もう一回、もう一回 one more time, one more time, one more time
63 その頃から「返り咲くんだ」と言い始めた in that point
64 i can remember just saying i gotta quit i’m gonna make a big come back
65 「明日からやめてまた
im gonna you know blow everyones mind and im gonna get sobered up by tomorrow
66 「スケートするんだ!」 and im gonna skate
67 「カムバックしてやる!」 and im gonna come back
68 「すばらしい未来が待ってるんだ」 and im gonna have this huge tomorrow
69 「ただの折り返し地点だ!」 turn around in my life
70 そう言いながら結局… and i pictured it in my head
71 堂々巡りだ going around the mountain
72 そして… but at the same time
73 口だけの、行動がともなわない
it was this constant never ending cycle of trying to say this
74 but yet being sucked into a vortex of just
75 そして、その苦痛を和らげるために you know covering up my pain
76 「もう一回」 one more time
77 傷を癒すため covering up my shame
78 「明日から」 tomorrow
79 かつてのプライドが燃え盛る
covering up the pride that was just burning up inside me that i wasnt the guy anymore
80 堂々巡り going around the mountain
81 堂々巡り going around the mountain
82 堂々巡り going around the mountain
83 99年終わりまで言い続けた till finally in 99 i said to myself
84 わかるかな? you know what
85 もう無理なんだ i can’t do it
86 そしてとうとう逮捕された i finally got arrested
87 飛行機から降りると… im coming off the plane
88 おれを待ち伏せしてる人たちが
and at the other end of the line there was people waiting for me
89 どっちに逃げようか、見回した i looked around and i said man where can i run
90 あっちにもこっちにも
and theres people over there
91 theres people over there
92 正面の人物が言った and theres a person standing in front of me and saying
93 「薬物所持の容疑がかかっています」 you know we have the suspicion that you’re carrying narcotics
94 おれは言った and i said
95 ワオ wow
96 大変なことになってしまった im really in a serious situation right now
97 牢屋で声をかけられた i walk in
98 「クリスチャン・ホソイじゃねーか、どうしたんだ」 and there were these guys just like Christian Hosoi no way whats up how you doing man
99 「ニュースで見たぜ」 sick we saw you on the news
100 「ガキの頃、おまえのボード持ってたよ」 man i had your board when i was a kid
101 and im like
102 たずねてきた彼の罪を聞くと
so what are you here for
103 and hes like murder
104 …なぜそこにいるのか
and i go what am i doing here
105 まず電話した and i had my first phone call
106 彼女のジェニファーだ and it was to my girl friend jennifer
107 そのときの会話でおぼえてるのは and all i could remember was calling her and saying
108 「やあ」 babe…
109 「10年の刑だ」 im looking at 10years
110 おれも彼女も泣いてた i was crying
111 she’s crying
112 彼女は「愛してる。神様を信じましょう」 and she said I love you we just gotta trust in god
113 それを聞いて… and i went
114 「神様?!」 wait, god?
115 「必要なのは代理人なんだ」 i said i need an attorney babe
116 「弁護士と保釈金だ」 i need a lawyer
117 i need bail
118 「死ぬ訳じゃない」 and im not dying
119 「神様が何してくれるんだ?」 whats god gonna do for me?
120 『業』 とかは信じてたけど
see i believed in karma
121 i believed in like god in a way where i thought that god was everywhere
122 たとえば良い事をしたり、良い人柄でいれば i thought my good behavior
123 my good person was that
124 天国へ行けるんだろう
that ticket into this place called heaven if there was one
125 自分の存在に疑問を感じた i had to question my existence
126 ここにいる意味、答えが知りたかった i said why am i here
127 and i needed answers
128 彼女に聖書を薦められた and she said go get a bible Christian
129 「聖書を読みなさい」か and, go get a bible. huh
130 「聖書を読みなさい」か… go get a bible. hm
131 「聖書を読みなさい」 go get a bible
132 そのまま独房に戻ったのを覚えてる and i remember just going into my room
133 そして聖書を手にとった and be holding the bible
134 そして祈った you know i just prayed right there
135 「神様、本当にいるんなら」 i said god if you’re real
136 「あなたが本当にいるんだったら」 i said god if you’re real
137 「助けてください」 i need help
138 開いて『創世記』から始めたけど… you know i opened it up and i started at genesis
139 and it was like
140 スタートレックの映画みたいだった this was like a Startrek movie
141 「まずはここじゃない」
and i just said no im not gonna start there and i opened it up to the end and it said revelation
142 『お告げ(黙示録)』は聞いた事無い i never had a revelation yet
143 次は『ヨハネ(John)』 and i turned to john
144 どこのジョン(John)だ? and i was like who’s john
145 次は『詩編』 and then i went to Psalms
146 『詩編』って!? and i was like whats Psalms?
147 『箴言(しんげん)』って?! and whats proverbs?
148 変な言葉ばっかりだな i was like those are weird names of books
149 そして『列王記(kings)』を見つけた and then i got to kings
150 「これなら面白そうだ。ここから始めよう」 and when i got to kings i said now this would be interesting i’m gonna start here
151 たしか第2章のダビデ王の章だった and i believe its the second chapter it was king david
152 息子のソロモンに言うんだ telling his son Solamon
153 「私は正しい道さえ歩んでいれば
that if he would follow the lord all of his days
154 that he would be blessed
155 僕にとってそれは
and for me i just
156 immediately it was like the scales fell off my eyes
157 自分がそこにいる理由がわかった and i knew why i was where i was at
158 目的があって生まれたことがわかった i knew that i was created for a purpose
159 そしてそれは、神を知り、神に従い
that it was to
160 know god, follow god, live for god
161 そして神を愛すること and love god
162 そして、すべてが始まった and it all started
163 聖書を開いて読み始めた when i just opened up the bible and read it
164 それから聖書を読みふけった and from that moment on all i did was read the bible
165 とにかく神を知ろうとした all i did was want to know god
166 とにかく祈った all i did was pray
167 それから2、3週間後 and
168 and in the next two to three weeks
169 妻とサンベルナルディーノ刑務所の電話ごしに
i gave my life to the lord
170 me and my wife
171 over the phone
172 county jail, San Bernardino
173 そして叔父が聞いた and uh
174 with my uncle
175 「主イエスに人生を捧げますか?」
he said do you want to give your life to Jesus?
176 and i said yes i do
177 見返りを求めること無く
i didn’t know what came with that
178 i just knew i wanted to do it
179 その瞬間だった and it was like all of a sudden
180 目から涙があふれて i just cried my eyes out
181 すべての罪 and it was like all the guilt
182 すべての痛み all the pain
183 すべての傷 all the hurt
184 すべての不名誉が all the shame
185 のしかかっていた肩から降りて… just fell off my shoulders
186 僕は椅子のうえで… and i was like sitting there
187 新しい現実を迎えたのが
knowing that i was moving into a whole new, new realm
188 新しい世界とは
and it was living for Jesus
189 そして生き返った and i came alive
190 また少しずつ人生に喜びを感じ始めた and i started just getting so, like excited about life
191 みんなは「おかしくなったか?」 that people were like whats wrong with you?
192 おれは「自由だ、自由なんだ」 and i was like
193 i’m free, i’m free
194 and um
195 みんなは「お前イカれ…楽しそうだけど
they were like you’re cra(zy).. you must have bumped your head Christian because look at those bars ?right here? you’re in prison
196 「ちがうよ、やっと牢屋から出られたんだ」 and i said no
197 i said i was in prison my whole life
198 罪と死のなかで暮らして、牢屋に来たんだ living in sin and death
199 to coming into a prison cell
200 そしてイエスを受け入れて and accepting jesus into my life
201 人生を捧げることを誓った and saying i’m making you my lord and my savior
202 そして牢屋の中で自由を手に入れたんだ and in that place i became a free man
203 一瞬にして牢屋で自由を得た it was like all of a sudden i went to prison and got free
204 僕の目的は人を愛する事 and my objective was to love people
205 人のために祈る事 my objective was to, to, to pray for people
206 生きる目的が変わった my objective in there was to be changed
207 なぜならば、ぼくはいつか
coz i knew one day
208 i knew one day
209 that i was gonna be released
210 そしてここに座って僕のストーリーを
and i knew
211 that i knew that i knew that id be sitting right here
212 telling my story
213 神を受け入れて、人生が変わって
about how god has changed my life because i said come in
214 and be my lord and savior
215 クリスチャンは2004年冬に釈放され Christian was released from prison in the winter of 2004
216 今はプロスケーターとして世界を旅している Today, he travels the world as a professional skateboarder
217 そしてカリフォルニア州ハンティントンビーチの
and serves as associate pastor at The Sanctuary in Huntington Beach, CA
218 この世のありとあらゆる愛を経験した i’ve experienced every level of love that the world has to offer
219 そして神ほどの愛は存在しない and there is no love like god to love
220 私はクリスチャン・ホソイ my names Christian Hosoi
221 私は主に従います
(I am second)
and i am second