Speeches by Pontus Alv – Japanese Subtitle

以前にも紹介したPontus Alvのあたらしい映画『In Search of Miraculous』がInternational Skateboard Film Festivalでたくさんノミネートされたため、監督自らがスピーチしています。

# Japanese English
1 LAのみんな! Hi, LA
2 マルメのTBSへようこそ Welcome to TBS…
3 まず、ノミネートしてくれてありがとう I would like to say, thank you for nominating me
4 よし、続けよう! let’s keep going
5 来てるか? you coming?
6 最優秀監督賞にノミネートだっけ? I was nominated as the best director
7 『In Search of Miraculous』
for my movie “In search of miraculous”
8 僕のビデオを候補にしてくれるなんて
it’s great, thank you a lot for even having my video in there
9 映画制作の話については
I don’t know what to say about movie making,
10 個人的な事をダイナミックに表現したかった try to do something that is personal and try to have flow and dynamics in it
11 一本の映画として
tried to create like a interesting story to the whole picture
12 細部じゃなくて全体としてね see the big picture not just the little things
13 そうだな、もう少しスケートだ! well I gotta think, let’s do some more skating!
14 出演者にも感謝したい Also I would like to thank everyone in the video
15 スケートに情熱を持って
for believing in it and contributing with your love passion for skating
16 あらゆる場面の出演者たちがね anyone that contributed to the film with whatever footage
17 何て言えば…もっとやろう uh I don’t know, let’s do some more
18 最優秀監督賞? best director huh?
19 自分を監督だとは思ってないけど I don’t know, I don’t see my self as a director
20 僕はスケートボーダーだよね as you can see I’m a skateboarder
21 でも確かに、映画を作るのは好きだ yeah I like to make films
22 LAありがとう、スケートするよ so thank you LA I got to continue skating
23 やあみんな、ステップアサイドへようこそ Hi everybody welcome to Step Aside
24 ここは… this whole place looks ….
25 これは… 最優秀サウンドトラック賞
these days… this is the thank you for the best soundtrack
26 ノミネートのね award nomination thing
27 いくつか音楽をくれたヨワンに
I want to thank “yowen” who made the music for some of the parts
28 何て言えばいいか uhh I don’t know what to say about it
29 サウンドトラックを作るときはダイナミックな
Something that I always try to do when I have a soundtrack is to have a lot of dynamic in the music
30 高音と低音、さらに全ての曲の中に高音と低音 a lot of highs and lows in this organ and all the songs together it has to be highs and lows
31 そして映画全体に抑揚が付くように so it has to be like ups and downs throughout the movie and yeah
32 なおかつ全ての曲に
tried to make every song fit together as one piece so anyway
33 なんにせよ音楽を楽しんでもらえると嬉しい hope you like the music enjoy it and uh
34 スケーターにぴったりな
yeah it is also very important that the music fits with the skating and uh maybe to the skateboarder
35 そのパートの出演者を
that it’s you can feel that it’s connected with the person… that the music is representing the person in the part
36 なんにせよ
its uh very important tool when you make movies
37 映画にはまず土台がなくちゃならない
its kind of like the first thing you have to have is the base the foundation of the movie the sound.
38 楽しんで!
alright enjoy I am going to go back to skating now
39 最優秀ドキュメンタリーへのノミネートについて
uhh this is the little speech for the best documentary nomination
40 そこにはみんなで作った
right here we have the step aside sculpture, a social sculpture
41 あれが最終的に残ったもの it’s still and that’s what remains
42 僕の映画はドキュメンタリーだとは
I don’t know, about doing I don’t see my movie as a documentary but
43 ドキュメンタリーの部分もある it has some documentary parts in it
44 余裕が無かったけど、あのスポットや
I can do a movie just about that one spot or about the new one over there just no space for it
45 でも一番見せたかったのは
but the main thing that I want to show in the movies we are building things
46 僕らはあれをすごい速さで作って we make them really fast and just as fast as they are built
47 すごい速さで失った they go away as fast so uh
48 つまり人生では簡単に
I just want to show how easy it is to make something happen in life
49 手に入れて、取り組める事があるよ that you can have something and that you just have to work for it
50 ただ、それを失う覚悟はしておいた方が良い and you have to be prepared that it is going to go away
51 でも、いつでもやり直せるし but you can also always redo it again and the journey is always the best part of it not the goal.
52 ゴールじゃなくて旅の最中が
53 だから見てくれてありがとう…
yeah thank you all for watching and thank you .. I don’t know the main message in the movie is
54 みんながスケートや人生で何かを起こせるように
I want to inspire others to inspire themselves to do something about their skate scene and their life
55 まだやってなかったらの話だけどね you know if they are not already doing it of course
56 だから何か作ってスケートして
so inspire others to go build things skate rad stuff and just live life
57 そしてスケートカルチャーにまた
and uhh and give back to skateboard culture that’s what I want to do
58 so yea
59 感性を豊かに、スケートして、楽しんで! stay inspired, keep skating, have fun.