Adobe Short and Suite “Creating a Rough Cut with OnLocation” Japanese Subtitle

Adobe CS5のソフトOnLocationとPremiere Proを合わせて使う方法を紹介しています。

# Japanese English
2 ジェイソン・レヴァイン JASON LEVINE
3 カール・スーレ KARL SOULE
4 ジェイソン、カールと見る
on the road with jason and karl
5 ショートアンドスイートへようこそ
Hi, there once again, another episode of short and suite
6 my name is karl soule
7 今日はアドビOnLocationの
am.. today we’re gonna be talking about a new feature in adobe onlocation
8 CS5では、OnLocationは
and in cs5 onlocation has began to kind of more from just a live capture tool
9 主にファイアワイヤでつないだカメラ
which would work off of like a firewire feed coming in from your camera
10 カメラがテープ録画ではなくメモリーカード録画の場合は
onlocation can now also be utilized as a tool onset if you’re working with a tapeless camera, if you’re shooting to a memory card within your camera
11 映像のチェック、メタデータを統合したり
onlocation provides a series of tools for checking your shots, merging meta data where you can go in and you can provide more friendly file names inside of onlocation
12 OnLocationから直接、簡単な編集を
and then finally you can also do some things like rough cut in directly inside of onlocation
13 今日の本題はそれです that’s what I wanna talk to you about today
14 ではOnLocationを覗いてみましょう so right now I’m over inside of adobe onlocation
15 ここにメディアブラウザという
and you see there’s a new panel here something called media browser
16 ここから私のPanasonic P2カメラに入っている
and I’m using this right now to this look at a card of clips from a panasonic p2 camera
17 以前にもうAdobe Storyから脚本を
now we’ve already gone through and created a series of placeholders we brought in a script from adobe story
18 ここでは既に私がメタデータの結合機能を使って
and I’ve already gone through the use of new feature called a merging a meta data I’ve already merged all the meta data from my script right into these clips
19 そして、イケてないクリップ名では無く「クローズアップ」や
so rather than having these kind of wacky shot names over here, you’ll notice it down here of my project I’ve already got
20 shot names like CLOSE UP MAGE, LOW ANGLE HERO and so on and so for
21 ここでは機能を使って
so we’ve already gone through and done that step in this example here
22 そしてOnLocationからクリップを
what I wanna show you is that from within onlocation, I can go through, I can monitor these shots if I double click on this shot
23 自分のモニターで再生できます I can see it playback here inside of my monitor
24 波形やベクタースコープも
I can see a live wave form and vector scope while this clip plays back
25 そしてさらに、クリップに
and in addition, I can also do things like mark in points and out points on my clip
26 これを再生すると主人公が登場してくる
so in this case I’m gonna go ahead and wait for a hero to a version of the scene here
27 登場しますよ here he comes
28 まだかな? anytime now
29 監督のアクションの叫び声が聞こえますね you can here the you can hear the director yelling action and there is my shot
30 こうやってポイントを見つけて
I can go through and I can kind of scrub screw this and mark that as just a rough in point
31 そして魔術師としゃべり
and we all go through here up until the point where he’s talking to the mage
32 そこを終了ポイントとして
and we mark that point is an out point on this particular shot
33 既に他のクリップにも
now I’ve already gone through and I’ve marked in and out points on each of these different shots
34 ダブルクリックすると開始から終了までが
so if I double click on the shot you can see the black area here represents the in point and out point it’s been marked on our particular shot
35 この作業が終わったら
so now once I’ve done this, I can do this and do all these checking where I’m on set
36 編集などですね the one it’s I’m ready to move this so far for the edit pane
37 作業が終わったショットを
I can take all the shots that I’ve done this with
38 select them all
39 「Selected Project Items as Subproject..」
and choose to export these out as a subproject
40 選択したものをサブプロジェクトとして
so we go ahead and select and send these out to a subproject
41 「サブプロジェクト 魔術師 塔」と
I go ahead and save it right here, we call this one Subproject Mage Tower
42 プレミアプロに行って、このサブプロジェクトを開くと
so when I move over to premier pro, I can take this subproject and I can double click on this and it actually show me the clips in question
43 これらのクリップをプロジェクトに
and if I go through, I import these clips into my project
44 クリップを全て選択して we go ahead and select all of these clips
45 タイムラインにドロップします drop them on my timeline here
46 クリップは既に編集されています these clips are already pre-edited
47 一つクリップを選んで、モニターで
so if I take one of these short clips here, and I just kind of zoom out on my source monitor
48 既にOnLocationでつけた開始、終了ポイント
you will see that this is actually already taken and marked in and out points from onlocation right into my premier project
49 今日はここまでです so that’s all the time we have for you today,
50 また今度ショートアンドスイート
stay tuned for another episode of short and suite coming here real soon
51 ありがとう
thanks again my name is karl soule